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We appreciate your participation in our project, but we are upgrading it now and we temporally stopped accepting publishing from third party writers. The online registration was suspended as well.

Contributing to the R-TT Articles and Reviews Content Channel

The R-TT Articles and Reviews Content Channel is a clearinghouse for reliable, current and useful information about electronics, software, hardware and other technology topics. We pride ourselves on the caliber of our content and the user-friendliness of our database. We encourage prospective contributors to read through some of our submission guidelines prior to submitting an article or review for consideration.

R-TT Review Guidelines

R-TT reviews are objective, thoroughly researched pieces that focus on a specific product or compare several similar products. Our reviews discuss cutting edge technology and trends in a wide range of categories. Reviews are consumer-oriented and are designed to help readers decide if a product meets their needs. To this end, we require that reviews be concise enough for the casual reader, yet comprehensive enough to include all of the crucial details. To ensure consistently high quality and to avoid conflict of interest, our technology reviews are written by professional tech reviewers. Each piece is curated and evaluated by R-TT staff. If you are interested in becoming one of our tech reviewers, please submit a cover letter and portfolio to

R-TT Article Guidelines

While reviews rate or compare products, services or pieces of software, articles have a more general purview. Articles, while remaining topical and current, discuss technology subjects in the context of tutorials, essays, news pieces, editorials and analysis. For example, a review may compare the pros and cons of the iPhone 4 vs. the HTC Thunderbolt, while an article may discuss best security practices for corporate smartphone users.

As with our tech reviews, most of our articles are provided by professional tech writers. However, we do accept unique, well-written articles from any registered user. Registration only takes a few minutes and you can begin submitting through our online system immediately. We employ sophisticated algorithms and plagiarism detectors in order to prevent duplicate content from being published to our Content Channel. To avoid having your article flagged as duplicate content, make sure that your piece is 100% original and does not borrow substantially from an article posted on any other website. Avoid the use of article spinners; duplicate content will be flagged by our system regardless of it being “spun” or otherwise artificially processed.

Categories and Subcategories

For both articles and reviews, we require that all content be properly categorized. This improves the usability and credibility of our Content Channel by making it easier for both readers and search engines to find meaningful content. When submitting an article or review, please pay close attention to the category and subcategory and choose the one that is most appropriate for the main theme in your piece. Miscategorizing your article or review may cause it to be rejected. If you have a website that does not fall into one of the categories on our Content Channel, we invite you to submit a link to our Web Directory, which is more inclusive in its subject matter.

In conclusion, we welcome your submissions and contributions toward creating a high quality content channel for technology professionals and enthusiasts. Our main goal is to provide our readers with high quality reviews, analysis and news that accurately informs them in as concise a fashion as possible. Get started by creating your R-TT account now. Once registered, you can learn more about our terms, conditions and the benefits of contributing to our Content Channel.

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