How to Record System Audio in Windows 7

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johnnly lee 16:19, 08/30/2012
hello sir i believe everything you say is right and i have no problem with it at all, but one big problem i have and cant sort it out for 2 weeks. after formatting my computer i lost some sound drive, like for example AC97. ok I download it and try to install it but I cant! why? because this damn Verifying publisher keep coming up and when i say ok just install it no problem again its coming and coming and coming again. alright i thought i better to download other software that can do the same job...what job? ok I tell you: look i use to mix music witch playing in the computer and my guitar that im playing together in MAGIX software( great stuff) but now I am in a deep what ever and deserve a shovel. man I need help like some one stuck in middle of highway 101 in north holy wood. John Lee Hammer Scotland
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