Article Content Spinners: A Wise Choice?

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Jim Lewis 00:12, 04/01/2011
Article spinners are pure snakeoil --- but i'm saying this as a writer ;p If you want barely readable, unintelligible, derivative articles, just use
John Cook 00:12, 04/01/2011
Don't give textbroker a bad rap--you can sometimes find good writers there. But you'll pay a lot for it--like $25 per article. Spinners, on the other hand, are the devil.
Alan Vega 00:12, 04/01/2011
Is article spinning spam? I think won't that get you penalized?
Steve Luck 00:12, 04/01/2011
I COMPLETELY agree. Everytime I see an article that's obviously been spun, I die a little inside. Besides, it's MUCH more worthwile to produce QUALITY content that gets links and is useful. And you'll probably pay less, too.
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