Ranking Software: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Paul Meyer 00:12, 04/01/2011
You know, I once used Market Samurai and it was really good. It made th process of keyword research and competitior research much easier. It's no magic bullet, but it may have been wroth it if you are serious about SEO
Steve Luck 00:12, 04/01/2011
Thanks for the advice--which ranking software would you suggest?
Alan Vega 00:12, 04/01/2011
I would definitely use Google Adwords Keyword research tool. It's free. Hard to get a hang of, but read a few guides and you're good to go
Jim Lewis 00:12, 04/01/2011
You don't even need to use that--just run a google search and hten clikc MORE on the left and choose RELATED SEARCHES. VOILA!
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