Your Next Read: Get Excited

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Alan Vega 20:24, 05/03/2011
This is even better than the "You're next, Reed" service.
Brad Larson 18:43, 05/03/2011
This is a great service. Usually, the way I choose books to read is by watching to see what cute girls are reading on the bus. Then, I rush home and read the whole book and all the SparkNotes about it. Then, I try to get the girl to notice that I'm reading the same book as her, so she'll make a comment. That way, I can launch into all this knowledge I've accumulated about the book and all my super deep opinions on the book. This is my master plan, and so far it hasn't worked even once, so maybe I'll give Your Next Read a try. Thanks for the review!
Erwin Moore 18:46, 05/03/2011
Way too much information, dude.
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