Does Online Backup Software Work?

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Steve Luck 00:12, 04/01/2011
What do you mean by this? Are you talking about like, Carbonite or MobileMe? I don't understand the difference. And how do you restore a backup if your computer crashes? Does it just download to your hard drive?
Jay Anton 00:12, 04/01/2011
You're giving online backup a bum rap! I use Dropbox and it's MORE reliable than an external hard drive. It's backed up redundantly, protected by the same security measures that the government uses and it's ULTRA convenient. Oh, and it's free.
David Lee 00:12, 04/01/2011
No, I agree with Alex. You'd have to be crazy to put your files on the Internet to keep them safe! That's like using a gym locker as a safety deposit box. Plus, what about huge files? That'll take forever to sync to the cloud.
Erwin Moore 00:12, 04/01/2011
All three of you are equally crazy. NEVER put anything important or sensitive on your computer or anyone elses. HACKERS can get into ANYTHING. You should keep all sensitive documents at the BANK under lock and key. And you should SHRED and BURN all financial documents.
Erwin Moore 00:12, 04/01/2011
and what's to stop someone from just picking up your hard drive? like a burglar?
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